Date: 2012-11-07, duration: Six months

Skills needed

  • Game Design
  • Level design
  • Sound design
  • Managing a video game project environment
  • FUSION Software
Project description

Tankistador, a mix of tank-wiiplay gameplay, images and a world of tantk soundtrack, and soundtracks and sound inspired by Giants Cititen Kabuto.

It is a personal project, done in 6 months of work after high school (or during, sometimes!).

It is a complete game, with a menu, a backup and checkpoints management, twenty level with final boss, 6 game modes (including 1 accessible once the game is over), all with a different difficulty. A multiplayer mode on the same computer, as well as an online version unfinished, but playable.

project url

Download the project here on itch.io: https://usernamehed.itch.io/tankistador


play online

play it ! Warning: the game was nativly created for window, you can except bug in html version (for exemple, online mode and sound effects are not working)