A Shoot'em up exercice

Date: 2018-01-24, duration: 1 month

Skills needed

  • Gameplay programming
  • Teamwork
  • Untiy, Wwise, Git
  • fast Website host
  • Leaderboard online in game and on the website
Project description

This project is a shoot em up that we had to create alongside to classes, in a team of 7. The working time equivalent of a big game jam. We had one month. I was one of the 2 programmers, Suliac and I, we worked fairly on all aspects of the game together.

Abyssum is a local multiplayer 2D shoot'em up game with an horizontal sideview scrolling, playable by up to 4 players. Each player earns points by hitting and killing enemies and loses points if he dies. Without game over, the goal is to get the highest score as possible. Pick-ups spread through the level allow players to use an ability in order to disturb each other.

project url

Visit the webpage and see the leaderboard online ! here.

Github here.