my work experience in timeline

You can see my CV by clicking here

  • I started to draw a lot of stuff when I was young (see), I Then start to make games with Fusion (see)
  • I had my bachelor's degree in Epitech computer program. Here some link of my major activity:
  •       - I learn C, raycasting, cryptographie, raytracing and other low level coding (see)
  •       - First internship of 6 month was in image processing (see)
  •       - I make a game with C++ and Irlicht library (see)
  • I'm now a self-employed independant, from time to time i'm part-time lecturer in Game Design in a specialised school of Game Design (see)
  • I have made a game, as indie game developper with a team of 4 friend (graphist, LD and SD) in Unity (see)
  • I'm currently in Master at the university CNAM Enjmin, speciality gameplay programmer

  • I want to be a Gameplay programmer, and work in the game industry.