The Accountant Contest

Date: 2016-10-24, duration: About five hours

Skills needed

  • C++ & C# optimisation
  • AI managment
  • Optimization over distance to bots
  • Optimization on displacements and retrieval of datas points
  • Optimization on shoot distance
  • Multiple real-time variable management
Project description

This contest is a 2-week AI codding optimization challenge.
I like this kind of AI challenge, it was very pleasant to code.

The Goal: Take out the armed forces in search of incriminating data. The more data gets saved, the higher you score. Other aspects of your performance will also affect your score.
It was not necessary to succeed all of the given test cases to have a good score. However, solutions are ranked first by percentage, then by score.
The players with the most points across all validation test cases at the end of the 2 weeks will be the winners.

project url

View source code on github:

See the Challenge on codingame here