Date: 2014-01-14, duration: six months

Skills needed

  • Game Design
  • Level design
  • Sound design
  • Managing a video game project environment
  • FUSION Software
  • Scenario
  • Game backup
  • 3D Menu
  • Particule effect
  • AI pathfinding
  • collective intelligence
  • Game management variable table
Project description

Ares was my second big video game project. I worked hard with a graphic artist for a long time to create a clean and reliable game engine with different levels of AI. I spent a lot of time doing the basics of the game, and not enough to do the level and scenario. Building a game is a long and difficult experience, and I realized that creating alone, even with the help of a graphic designer is not enough! The game includes a level 1 and 2 complete and playable, as well as a level 3 experimental, but with AI very constructed and unbeatable if I do not correct the variables!

project url

Download the project here on