Peek and Bookmark

Date: 2020-09-10, duration: 2 month

Skills needed

  • Unity
  • Tools Programming
Project description

Peek, bookmark and browse previously selected objects. Greatly speed up your unity workflow!

- Enhance unity workflow by keeping track of files / assets / gameObject previously selected, even from play mode to editor mode, and even after closing & reopenning unity!

- Bookmark anything, in a simple clic. Keep your most important scripts & scenes quicly avaible to you!

- Bookmark gameObjects in play or edit mode. They are saved even when you change scene or after reloading project. MUST HAVE when you are working with multi-scenes!

- Keep track of deleted gameObjects (if an undo is applied, link is kept).

- Ultra Fast Selection of gameObjects Hidden behind others. Again, MUST HAVE for overlapping UI!

- Show outline & name of gameObjects in the scene view on mouse hover. (customizable)

- Everything is customisable in project settings.

- C# scripts avaible
- Clean code using nameSpace
- Nothing to do, just download and enjoy

Idea came while working at Feerik games

project url

Asset store link: here.