Date: 2014-10-20, duration: on month

Skills needed

  • C
  • parsing
  • Discovery and manipulation of the X-Windows graphical interface
  • Use of mathematics (geometry in the plan) in a pragmatic way)
Project description

This project is the very first individual graphic project to be done in programming. In the work to do, a big point was to appraise the graphic library named MiniLibix, which is a simplified version of the LibX (a little bit like glut), where I had at my disposal some basique function to open a graphic window, some expose managment etc. I created my own function that displays a pixel on a screen, after that a function that draws a line from two points in a plane. Then, i parse a file and store information in array, and finaly, I created an algorithm allowing me to display the FDF in 2D, with the possibility of having a semi-isometry by changing some values in the code.

project url

View source code on github: https://github.com/usernameHed/fdf