Kawenga - stage petites vacances

Date: 2012-09-29, duration: One week traineeship full-time

Project description

I did my first one-week internship in Kawenga in 2012. At that time I'm still in high school. I have already started to program games on computers, from the simple anti-dry of math, to the tetris. And I wanted to see further, and discover the creation of video games on computer!

This internship, done in Kawenga for a week, allowed me to discover video-play creation, to learn the software FUSION, to think about the script, the characters and the sets and finally to create a complete game.
This was my first experience in video games, and certainly not the last one! The video above shows the different games created by the trainees, mine is located at 2:50 Of the video.

Subsequently I was able to continue this game and finally make it playable online. See links below

Skills needed

  • Discovering the creation of a video game from A to Z
  • Learning FUSION software
project url

See the video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flrVAUkuoC0

See the project on this web site: http://www.belfiore.ovh/create/portfolio-tankistador.php