Date: 2014-11-24, duration: on month

Skills needed

  • Understanding of the Raycasting Principle
  • Algorythm raycasting optimisation
  • well structured C program
  • C multi-threading
  • scrolling mini-map
  • AI pathfinding
  • Collision in Fake 3D environnement
Project description

Student project, simulating Wolfenstein 3D's famous rendering technique. Ray casting is thus used to view the walls and floor.
- Maps are randomly generated with each new game
- Game engine optimized with personal calculations annd Multi-threaded
- scrolling mini-map, influenced by power-ups
- Mirror effect and funny modes
- Player collision, different wall coloring based on player orientation and distance
- AI with pathfinding algorithm to follow the player

Based on a 'Slender Man' theme, the player has to find 8 pages. But be careful, the Slender Man is come for you...

project url

View source code on github: https://github.com/usernameHed/wolf3d